escort (plural escorts)

  1. A body of armed men to attend a person of distinction for the sake of affording safety when on a journey; one who conducts some one as an attendant; a guard, as of prisoners on a march; also, a body of persons, attending as a mark of respect or honor; -- applied to movements on land, as convoy is to movements at sea.
    The troops of my escort marched at the ordinary rate. -Burke.
  2. Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion; as, to travel under the escort of a friend.
  3. A prostitute.
  4. A Ford Escort

6 letters in word "escort": C E O R S T.

Anagrams of escort:

Words found within escort:

cero ceros cert certs cor core cores cors corse cos cose coset cost coste cot cote cotes cots crest eco er eros ers erst es escot est estoc estro et oe oes or orc orcs ore ores ors ort orts os ose re rec recs recto res rest ret rets roc rocs roe roes rose roset rost rot rote rotes rots sco score scot sec seco sect ser set so soc sore sort sot st store te tes to toc tocs toe toes tor torc torcs tore tores tors torse tose tres